Chryophase Profile (UK)

Chryophase spent the last 15 years in Australia and moved back to the UK in 2013 to be more local for events across Europe. He is from Aberdeen, UK originally.

Chryophase is firmly committed to the darker sounds of Minimal and Techno as its the only sound forms which  offers the enjoyment, complication and variation that he needs to keep DJ'ing. He rarely has less than 2 decks playing at once producing some really sculpted and unique sounds.

A resident @ www.DI.FM/MINIMAL with a monthly show "Multifarious Minimal" (Every 3rd Friday, 6PM GMT). Multifarious means "many and of various types.  “Multifarious activities, having many varied parts or aspects, a vast multifarious organization". Cross this word with Minimal its an oxymoron, and Chryophase uses his 2 hour show to demonstrate the complete spectrum of dark minimal.

Chryophase also partners the DJ project with "Seldon, HU" called "Silent Discussion" which formed in Jan 2015. He has regular appearances in  Budapest, Hungary hosting "Together in the Dark, BUDAPEST"  supporting Silent Discussions’s events there. In Feb, 2015 he supported Miro Pajic and Troy Pierce and Luigi Rossi at www.A38,hu, Budapest.

Chryophase is influenced heavily by DJ's & artists such as: Alberto Ruiz, Hollen, Pan Pot, Secret Cinema, Egbert, Adam Beyer, Victor Ruiz, Kalden Bess, Mars Bill, Rino Cerrone,  Luis Flores, Fullerene, Luigi Madonna, Sian, The Fuelman, Nina Kravitz, Luigi Madonna, Gary Beck, Carlo Lio, Audio Injection, Victor Calderone, Drumcode, Gregor Thresher, Booka Shade, Slam,  Moguai, Ahmet Sendil, M.A.N.D.Y.  These are just some of his current artists of choice, and the grandfather DJ of live techno: the infamous Carl Cox still impresses..

Any material or performance that Chryophase performs will always be posted in Soundcloud or  for any fans that cannot make any live venues that he plays.

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